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Rebuilding The World Trade Center 

Running time 85 minutes 

Winner of BAFTA and Royal Television Society Awards for Photography

★★★★ “Rebuilding the World Trade Center isn’t just the documentation of the tallest building in NYC, but a homage to the world of its construction workers who work so high up that they can almost ‘see the earth’s curve’.”  – The Arts Desk

★★★★★ “Beautiful to look at and a powerful testimony to the immense human endeavor involved in creating some of the tallest buildings in the world.”   – The Mail

★★★★ “An immense artistic project.”   – The Star

★★★★ “Stunning.”  – The Daily Mail

★★★★ “This film is about more than just a rebuilding job … It’s also about the human stories behind the challenge.”  – Daily Express

“A story of epic architecture and engineering, but it is also a film that is full of humanity, giving a voice to the construction workers.”  – The Times

“Be amazed as you witness a huge artistic project that captures what [Robinson] describes as ‘a universal act of healing’.”   – The Observer 

“An epic undertaking.”  – The Guardian

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